Meditation Storyteller

I am…

A storyteller.

An ally.

A conjurer of beautiful states.

A believer in magic.

The first thing I do when I wake up is… 

Keep my eyes closed and remember my dreams.  Sometimes I just recall/re-experience them, sometimes I go back and change something.

I believe…

When you ask, your deepest and highest selves will always answer.  If you become still and listen, your guides will never leave you hanging.

You’ve got everything you need inside you.

I’m inspired by….

The infinite inner worlds we all have.  The fantastic mythic landscapes, vignettes and environments we find when we close our eyes.  Each one amazingly specific to each individual at that exact moment in time.  Each one rich and beautiful–holographic and layered–with its own unique otherworldly cosmologies.

I love….

Being creative, making beautiful things that weren’t there before.

I desire….

Health, Wealth, Happiness & Love.  For myself and everyone else.

The world needs…

More love and wisdom.

Magic is…

Everywhere.  Everything.  All that we have known, all we know now and all that we will know.  The universe is completely magical.  There is no exception to this fact.

If you don’t believe this, read up on astronomy or physics or any of the life sciences or look at videos of butterflies or flowers blooming or lightning bolts or waterfalls.  Go into nature, see how she works and try not to be in awe.

I’m most thankful for…

My ability to perceive the visible and invisible beauty in all things.

The family, friends and mystical community I have been given.

My greatest lesson has been…

Benevolent unseen forces have always been shaping my existence.  Even when I could not see, or my ego had other plans, the world never gave up putting me back on my path.

Advice to my younger self would be…

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Be free and just do what you like.