My name is Diana Zalucky.


I am a commercial photographer and director based in Los Angeles, CA. I am an empath, fire-starter and enthusiastic connector. I am passionately curious about the world around me and all the people I meet along the way. I love photography because it is an experience; it allows me to completely surrender to a unique, present moment. I feel a special energy that I can’t express with words but can capture and be fully present in. I use my photography as a way to manifest the experiences I am inspired by. I have always chased new experiences as a way to find something that transports me to the same mental and emotional space I experience when I am creating images.

Throughout my life I have always been drawn to fairytales, fantasy worlds, crystals, healers of all kinds and the wonder and magic of life’s synchronicities. This project is a practice to not only come out to the world as a mystic myself, but to embrace the idea that we are all healers. I believe, now more than ever, we are in a time when everyone desires to connect beyond the surface. I even feel this in my commercial work. Everything has been done before; we no longer want to walk around as if we are in an empty museum or be told by society we belong in one. We all are craving to truly connect. What do you feel? What do you desire? What do you want to experience in your life? I believe everyone we encounter is a link and lesson making room for an opportunity to grow and become the best version of ourselves possible, if we can become aware to all the signs that surround us. For close to a decade I ignored this magical side of myself. I minimized it to be ridiculous and childlike with a judgment that my feelings alone could not guide me. After starting my own business in 2012, I pushed myself to surrender and trust that all my hard work would finally manifest to create the life I always dreamed of. I’ve learned following my inner compass is imperative for me being happy and fulfilled. This allows room for me to become successful holistically, even in challenging times of growth.


I found that doing this inner-exploration has not only enriched my life but also continues to enrich my work greatly. Clients hire me for how I envision and tell stories in an authentic way that connects and makes you feel something real. How could doing inner-exploration and self- work not connect with that? It absolutely does. Since moving to LA in 2014, a place I have always felt drawn to love to live in, I have been through many serendipitous moments and met many healers that have now become dear friends. If you know me, you know that when I am passionate about something that my passion is infectious and you will want to do it, too. I am constantly connecting with incredible, inspiring souls that are making a difference, not only on a personal level, but throughout their communities and eventually the whole world.


Regardless of your belief in magic, spirits, god(s), aliens, science or nothing at all, this is an invitation. The Modern Mystics is a showcase and celebration of all the healers that are doing incredible work at this very moment. These are the souls who I have been personally affected by in my own journey and may become a part of yours. You may connect with one, some, all or none. My goal is to allow you to think a little differently and, for a brief moment, be open to something new. Maybe you will think about things a little differently after. To get uncomfortable, ask questions and explore. I find that the more I explore and heal myself, the more I empower and inspire everyone around me to do the same.


The vision for this project came to me during a meditation with one of the featured Modern Mystics, Jessica Snow. In this vision, I was in a room made of Rainbow Moonstone with a bookshelf made of Clear Quartz. From the bookshelf, I pulled a beautiful coffee table book called The Modern Mystics. The images inside were all familiar faces. They were the mystics of modern times, page after page was filled with images of and conversations with my friends.


We are all connected. We are all magic. You are your own mystic.


Welcome to The Modern Mystics by Diana Zalucky.